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Business Broadband

Business Broadband

The high-end internet solutions to power your business

Nextelle Telecom can offer your business a range of broadband solutions to fit your needs. From Ethernet, to Fibre, we have you covered.




One of the biggest benefits of fibre optic Internet is fast Internet speeds. Nowadays, fibre optic Internet is faster than the highest speed copper Internet connections.


Another benefit of fibre optic Internet is security. Fibre optic cables make the most secure connection for your data compared to wireless and copper lines, which can be compromised or intruded.


Uptime and data transmission are both very consistent and constant with fibre lines and switches. This means that fibre connectivity gives you the most reliable Internet service around. Because fibre optic cables are made of glass rather than the traditional copper, they are an extremely reliable conductor.

Ethernet Broadband

The next step up, Nextelle’s Business Broadband Ethernet provides you with the speed you need for effective online communications, applications and special services such as video conferencing.

Business Broadband Ethernet plan benefits include:

All Business Broadband Ethernet plans include: